FR100 Series Mini Inverter

Multi-functional Inverter

Single Phase 220V 0.2 ~2.2kW
Three Phase 220V 0.2 ~2.2kW
Three Phase 380V 0.75 ~4.0kW

FR100 series multifunctional inverter is a compact,feature-rich,and highly price-competitive models.Particularly suitable for electronic equipment,food packaging,wood working,treadmills and other small power transmission applications.


  • Optimized VF control
  • Bulit-in simple EMC filter
  • Track-mounted design
  • Characteristics of the uploading and downloading module for choosing
  • MODBUS communication supported
  • According to the temperature of the inverter to intelligent control the cooling fan start or stop
  • The maximum output frequency reaches 600.00Hz
  • Four groups of time acceleration and deceleration optional
  • Operation mode selectable when warning
  • Support functions of counting、fixed length、sleep and aweaken
  • Quick release design when Cleaning or replacing the fan
  • -Keyboard potentiometer control
  • -Output short circuit protection
  • – With one high-speed pulse input
  • -Support PID,16-segment multi-speed,The programruns,Wobbulation operatin
Main Power Voltage Model No. Motor Power Power Capacity Input Current Output Current Size of the Case Dimension(W*H*D)
kW kVA A A mm
208-240VAC, FR100-2S-0.2B 0,2 0,5 4,9 1,6 F1-1 95*162*120
FR100-2S-0.4B 0,4 1 6,5 2,5
FR100-2S-0.7B 0,75 1,5 9,3 4,2
FR100-2S-1.5B 1,5 3 15,7 7,5 F1-2 110*173*135
FR100-2S-2.2B 2,2 4 24 9,5



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